East of the Full Moon CD

East of the Full Moon CD
by Deuter

This CD has been composed with the idea to reflect the moods of the night, its silence, its soft songs, when the human mind has gone to sleep to dream.
East of the Full Moon evokes images of the night sky, the moon appearing behind clouds, the world losing its stark colors, and trees becoming just shadows against the moon. The stars expand our awareness to a vast infinity and an immense silence, which is the only music there is.
All music is an effort to bring this silence into existence, where the music becomes a reflection of something bigger. -- Deuter
On this record, Deuter plays the alto flute, keyboards, piano, drums, tambura, pan flute, and harp. Additional instrumental support is provided by Adi Pieper who plays the tabla and Klaus Wiese who plays the kinara on Vibrant Dusk.

1. Daemmerschein (9:54)
2. East of the Full Moon (8:34)
3. Vibrant Dusk (8:46)
4. Moon-Silvered Clouds (6:47)
5. Marfa Lights 1 (3:42)
6. Black Velvet Flirt (7:00)
7. Earth Shadow (8:43)
8. Marfa Lights 2 (3:24)
9. Dawn Shimmer (8:13)
Total Time: 65:03
East of the Full Moon CD
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