Within CD

Within CD
by Benjy Wertheimer & David Michael

The new meditation music CD Within by Benjy Wertheimer and David Michael is a lush and deep musical journey where the poignant voice of the East Indian esraj intertwines with the majestic Celtic harp in a celestial soundspace - perfect music for meditation, yoga, bodywork, healing or simply being.

The music features Benjy on esraj, a poignant and deliciously expressive 19-stringed bowed instrument from India. David plays Celtic harp and these slow paced duets are designed to guide you to that place Within…

Virtuoso guitarist Michael Mandrell joins the artists on a number of the pieces on Within and Benjy's wife Heather Wertheimer adds beautiful tamboura and ethereal vocals to complete the surreal soundscape that is perfect for massage therapy, the healing arts, yoga or just peaceful contemplation.

The selections on this beautifully idyllic and spacious CD, Within, were recorded as live improvisations using the ambient space of 'the Cistern,' the incredible sonic environment of an empty 2 million gallon underground reservoir in Fort Worden State Park (in Port Townsend, Washington). National Public Radio dubbed this space 'the greatest musical instrument in the state of Washington,' with a reverberation cycle of over 40 seconds.

The acoustic characteristics of this space were masterfully captured by engineer Neville Pearsall, whose studio, Synergy Sound, is also located in Fort Worden State Park. The musical synergy of the artists and the exquisite sonic characteristics of the Cistern allowed the artists to enter a blissful, exquisitely connected meditative state, resulting in this collection of hypnotically beautiful improvisations.

1. Calling (6:40)
2. Lotus (14:38)
3. Within (10:06)
4. Angel's Breath (5:17)
5. Radiance (9:03)
6. The Veil (7:24)
7. Nectar (3:01)
8. Namaste (6:50)
Total Time - 63:14
Within CD
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