Path of Compassion CD

Path of Compassion CD
by Karunesh

Karunesh is a modern-day mystic, composer and multi-instrumentalist, playing percussion, synthesizers, bells, chimes, Tibetan bowls, Chinese instruments and many others. Masters of the sarod, Indian violin and bansuri flute join him to create musical celebrations at the crossroads where East meets West.

"I want to go beyond the limits and barriers separating different cultures, mixing different music styles and letting them flow and dance together. Music touches people across all nations, cultures, religions and beliefs - Music for Body, Heart and Soul." - Karunesh

1. Oasis Moon (6:44)
2. Dazzled by the Light (5:41)
3. Shruti's Song (6:30)
4. Zensual (7:24)
5. Stargazing (5:29)
6. Way of the Winding Valley (5:45)
7. Mount Kailash (5:59)
8. Return of the Rains (5:51)
9. Inner Journey (7:12)
10. Breathing Silence (7:13)
11. Blessings Rain (5:52)
Total Time - 69:40
Path of Compassion CD
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