Marketing Newsletter Building Kit

All you ever needed to know about making a newsletter to market your practice, in one simple binder. The kit contains instructions on making your newsletter, a sample newsletter, and a CD-ROM full of pre-created template newsletters for you to use. Never be at a loss for something to send your patient list again. Kit contains ten pre-written ready-to-use newsletters on Disk #1. Topics include: Medication side effects may be the fourth leading cause of death; Smokers spend more of their lives combatig disabilities; Vaccinations -- DTP and tetanus cause asthma; Toxic shock syndrome is still with us; Another reason to breastfeed; Colon cancer - sigmoidoscopy vs. colonoscopy; Making informed choices about vaccinations; Do you suffer from migrains?; Vitamins could reduce American healthcare costs dramatically; Vitamin C and Vitamin E; Selenium and cancer; In pain? Your serotonin levels may be too low; Ice therapy -- when and how ro use it; Guidelines to exercise & your heart; Two easy preventions to reduce injury in a car accident; Caution with new medications.
Marketing Newsletter Building Kit
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